Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A busy 11 days

I can't believe 11 whole days have gone by since I last wrote. It has been a real busy week and a half here. I have been trying to keep up with the yard work, which entails a lot of weeding-- despite the liberal use of Preen, those little buggers keep popping up EVERYWHERE. On Saturday, I spent the first half of my day weeding between the cinderblocks on the pathway which runs behind the house. It is about a half mile long (or seems like it when I'm trying to get those blasted weeds out from between those small spaces!) I enlisted the kids to help, which lasted about five minutes and then they were off to do something more exciting (you know, like using the garden tools as weapons.) I was trying to make a game out of the weeding chore to make it seem more appealing, but they are just way too sophisticated and caught right on to my transparent ploy. Luckily, at least the weather cooperated and it was overcast and breezy-- a perfect combination when doing this sort of work. It looks really nice now and I find myself looking out the window at odd times of the day to admire it. I am still planting the PTO sale plants I bought, I am not sure I will ever finish. One flat of verbena had gotten a little neglected and had the nerve to die just because I forgot to water them for a couple days. The rest of the plants are still kicking and waiting to go in the garden beds, which I do plan on doing this weekend, as a matter of fact.

Besides the constant planting/watering/weeding going on in the yard, I have been busy taking "The Kid" to his baseball practice and games, interspersed with carpooling the kids to school, and then keeping up with the usual housecleaning, cooking, laundry, bill-paying, organizing (or some semblance thereof) and homework duties. Here's a sample of my fifth grader's math puzzler that I personally could not figure in less than a half hour: "If the girl-scouts had a cookie sale, saved 1/6th of the money, spent the remaining 1/2 and had $100.00 left over, how much money did they earn?" (the answer, if you were wondering, was $240.00) I think I would have just eaten all the cookies and forgotten about the whole thing.

Honestly, though, I could use a couple more hours in my day to accomplish a few more tasks. My week has been a blur, so the blog had to suffer. However, I thought I would try a new tactic and today I will try multi-tasking and writing while drinking my coffee (which really is a feat for me!) Hopefully I won't knock my cup over on the keyboard. Don't laugh-- it has happened before when I was working in an office and frequently killed my ten-key with a coffee bath. Wish me luck, I'm living dangerously this morning.

The first order of business is announcing my new button over on the side bar-- I am officially a Catholic Mothers Online member. If you have a moment, you can click on that to read other Catholic mother blogs and also to join if you would like. I have a lot of blogs to read these days, it's a wonder I get anything done, really!! I enjoy reading them as much as time allows, and proud to be included with this wonderful group of women.

I am still learning the ropes of blogging so be patient with me while I change things around as I learn new tricks. Blogger is very user friendly for a first time blogger like me but it does take time to get up and running. Way back when, I had a Geocities address and started my own webpage, and through the years of computer/internet use I have learned a few html tags, but it wasn't until I started this blog that it became clear how very primitive my knowledge is of computer things (see, I don't even know the technical jargon) I hope that when my one year anniversary rolls around that I can look back and laugh at my amateur attempts and see how much I have learned. In the meantime, remember that I'm a newbie so if there are any problems with my layout or any other comments or tips you may have for me, feel free to leave a comment (please be nice, though!)

Now that I've taken care of that, I can get on to my business of random thoughts and comments of my own. I have emerged from the week of season finales of my favorite shows. On Grey's Anatomy, I was sad to see Meredith and Derek break up, Burke leave Christina at the altar (although that was a bit of a surprise!), not one of the front-runners getting Chief of Surgery position, "Ava" leaving and George not passing his intern exam. I thought there was too much trainwreck in this episode and not enough "warm fuzzies" for me. It was beyond disappointing, not only to me, but to other Grey's fans (I was reading the comments on a Grey's discussion board--- most felt like I did) It was not the way I would have written it at all, but then again I like happy endings, which apparently doesn't make for good TV.

I was equally as disappointed with the season finale of Desparate Housewives, although it seems to have regained some of the campiness that made the first season so enjoyable. I hope they keep that up. I loved the wedding of Susan and Mike but the rest was kind of a let down. There are a lot of possibilities plot wise, so we'll just have to wait and see where it all goes next year.

Scrubs was very funny and all in all, a great finale. I was happy with that show and with The Office which has me laughing so hard I'm crying a lot of the time. Steve Carrell is so funny, and his delivery and comedic timing is perfect.

The last big season finale for me was last night on Dancing with the Stars. This show is a real bright spot in my week, it is always a great show, no matter who wins. I always feel like dancing when I'm watching. I really enjoyed seeing how Laila Ali has grown as a dancer and couldn't help but notice how she has lost quite a bit of weight since the beginning of the competition. She is fun to watch, and I love the combination of her with Maxim. I was hoping they would win last night, but on that show at least, everyone is a winner. I think it's one of the best shows on TV at the moment.

Speaking of losing weight, I have just joined Weight Watchers , and I am excited to start going to meetings and be inspired to eat healthier and achieve a 15 lb weight loss goal. I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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