Saturday, June 27, 2009

It is Love at First Sight

I've noticed that there is such a difference between the way a little girl sees the world (or the United States, in this case) versus the way a boy sees it.

Case in point:

My boys would find the states that most resemble guns and start to shoot each other. Just in case you were wondering, Florida, Idaho and Oklahoma make great guns. They would pick up these pieces and make shooting noises using a complex combination of spit and percussion from their mouths. I don't know but I think that boys are genetically wired to be able to produce that noise.

In contrast, my sweet little girl sits down at the table. She starts to look at the puzzle and first notices all the pretty colors. Then, she dumps the pieces out and painstakingly puts them all back in the right spots. She even knows what some of the states are, which I think is very impressive for a six year old. Well, considering that her 11 year old brother just got done learning his states and capitals makes me think that she might have been listening just a little bit through the study sessions.

Anyway. On to the story. While putting together the puzzle, she happens to discover that Nebraska and Utah are in love. Did you know that? See here, they are kissing:She had a very detailed fairy tale story to tell of the happenstance way that these two states ended up meeting and falling in love. She told me how Colorado and Wyoming stood in the way of Nebraska and Utah ever getting to meet. But by fate, one day they were the last two to be placed in the puzzle and that is how they met and fell in love. Well, actually, she says, Nebraska loved Utah but Utah did not love Nebraska back. Somehow, though, because every story she tells has a happy ending, Nebraska finally won over that stubborn Utah and they lived happily ever after.

Meanwhile, Florida and Oklahoma are in a duel to the death.

Boys and girls and their unique perspectives. Men really are from Mars, aren't they?

Bouncy House

The kids were begging Busy Woodshop Hubby to get out the bouncy house and set it up the other day. We saw it a few years ago at our local warehouse store and decided we needed it. It has provided LOTS and LOTS of fun over the past five years, I can honestly say we have gotten our money's worth. We get it out for birthdays, when friends come over, or just for the heck of it. Even the adults like it. Here is our most recent bouncy fun day:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Bees

The bees are buzzing around here. Literally! The other morning I was getting ready in my bathroom and I heard a buzzing sound in my room. On further inspection, I noticed a little honey bee frantically beating him(her?)self up on my window trying to get out. I figured that when I went back downstairs I would get a paper cup and capture it to let it outside, when I was finished in the bathroom. Well, by the time I came out there were 7 bees in three of the windows, making a very loud combined humming sound. It was a little scary to say the least. I wondered how they all got in (the windows were open but the screens are on) and to have that many at once I wondered if I might have a problem. I went around capturing them all to let them out since I knew that hubby would get out the spray and zap them if I didn't help them outside.

They were all let out safe and sound, but I never did find out how they got inside in the first place. We checked the attic and it was alright and there have been no more bees in the house since then. Maybe they were on a mission to free that first one since it took me so long to get it!

I was outside checking around and didn't find any evidence of a beehive nearby. I guess for now the problem is solved.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sister Chemistry

Oh the funniest thing happened last night. My sister just recently signed on to one of those dating match sites, and gave me a call to go over all her "potential" matches based on her personality profile and the type of person she is looking for. You know, basically the perfect man. I think she might have to settle for something slightly less but I'll be positive for her sake that there might be one more out there. However, I do believe that there is someone for everyone so let's hope that he is also registered at (and perfect for my sister!)

So anyway, she wanted me to look at her profile and help her jazz it up a bit, and while I was in there to take a look at her potential guys to help her figure out which ones to write to.

Well, we quickly discovered that we could both be signed on to her account at the same time (we live in different states). What fun! We started going down the list. "G" seemed nice and had quite a bit in common with her as far as his interests. She's been emailing with him to find out more information. I really like "G". Then another "G" also has shown some interest in her and she thinks he might also be a good possibility to meet in real life. He could be a good second choice. Can I tell you she's loving shopping for a date this way? I found my husband the old fashioned way but I guess you can find romance through the internet. It seems easy enough, and could save a lot of time by separating them out before she even has to meet them. Because after all at some point she will have to step out from behind the computer and actually meet one of these guys.

I gave her my opinions on all the guys based on what they had written about themselves and what they were looking for, what I know about her and also just what my instincts told me. My sister has no common sense when it comes to men, and she will be the first to admit that. That's why our little devious plan just might work!

Right away I told her to ditch "M" because he wants someone 'above and beyond' which indicated to me that he might just be a bit too picky. Besides he looked too pretty. He probably has some issues. Just sayin.

Then there was "R" who is an engineer and I'm betting really smart. He seems nice enough but can he loosen the tie a little? Unless he has a huge sense of humor, he wouldn't be too happy with my sister because she's pretty off the wall. Think Ellen Degeneres crossed with Roseanne Barr and a little Carol Burnette and that's my sister. She can't be around someone who's too uptight. But maybe "R" has a wild side. You never know.

There were a couple others and they all seemed nice and most of them weren't too bad looking. So we even have a plan C,D and E if we need it.

She and I were both laughing at the idea that I was helping her compose the letters to these gentlemen and also rewriting her profile and just thinking that we were totally getting away with something.

I was laughing that she totally trusted me with her log in information and thought just how tempting it could be for me to go in and change some of her answers. She is very trusting, isn't she? I wouldn't though. Probably.

So far so good on the chemistry homefront. I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's About Time!

That's what I'm telling myself today. It's about time for a new post. I find myself making the rounds of my favorite blogs, checking once, twice sometimes three times a day (yeah, I know I could just put them in my reader. I like to check myself, though!) And sometimes, I am rewarded with new content even two, three times a day. Some bloggers are great like that. I guess I'm not one of those. If I even have a 'readership' who checks my content I can be assured that I am checked on weekly these days. Not daily, or hourly like those crazy great bloggers out there that we are all wanting to know every detail of their lives. Oh, you know who they are. Don't you?

Well, anyway if you don't, I'm not telling. Anytime soon anyway. I have to have some reason for you to come back, after all. It obviously isn't for my timely updates.