Saturday, June 27, 2009

It is Love at First Sight

I've noticed that there is such a difference between the way a little girl sees the world (or the United States, in this case) versus the way a boy sees it.

Case in point:

My boys would find the states that most resemble guns and start to shoot each other. Just in case you were wondering, Florida, Idaho and Oklahoma make great guns. They would pick up these pieces and make shooting noises using a complex combination of spit and percussion from their mouths. I don't know but I think that boys are genetically wired to be able to produce that noise.

In contrast, my sweet little girl sits down at the table. She starts to look at the puzzle and first notices all the pretty colors. Then, she dumps the pieces out and painstakingly puts them all back in the right spots. She even knows what some of the states are, which I think is very impressive for a six year old. Well, considering that her 11 year old brother just got done learning his states and capitals makes me think that she might have been listening just a little bit through the study sessions.

Anyway. On to the story. While putting together the puzzle, she happens to discover that Nebraska and Utah are in love. Did you know that? See here, they are kissing:She had a very detailed fairy tale story to tell of the happenstance way that these two states ended up meeting and falling in love. She told me how Colorado and Wyoming stood in the way of Nebraska and Utah ever getting to meet. But by fate, one day they were the last two to be placed in the puzzle and that is how they met and fell in love. Well, actually, she says, Nebraska loved Utah but Utah did not love Nebraska back. Somehow, though, because every story she tells has a happy ending, Nebraska finally won over that stubborn Utah and they lived happily ever after.

Meanwhile, Florida and Oklahoma are in a duel to the death.

Boys and girls and their unique perspectives. Men really are from Mars, aren't they?


Moody said...

I've noticed the differences too. You can tell boys "no guns" but they will make one out of something--their fingers if nothing else! I love the story of Utah and Nebraska. That's the sweetest thing ever!

Jon Lanier said...

That was a great observation! I may use that someday in a sermon illustration. Probably around the next Mother's Day Celebration.