Saturday, May 12, 2007

Morning Run

Wild Thing woke busy woodshop hubby (BWH) up at 6:30 this morning to go running at the local track. Track season just ended, and as a first track season, he did very well. He likes the 200 and 400 meter the best, and in another year will be able to compete in the 800. BWH says that Wild Thing will be unbeatable if he keeps up his training regimen. He needs to learn to pace himself, and now that he has a feel for the races he wants to run, he can work on his endurance. He is bound and determined to train all year so that next year he can be more competitive in his age group.

So, at the crack of dawn this morning, BWH and Wild Thing headed out to the track and took the dogs out with them. Shadow is our mini-dachshund, and rather, um-- shall we say, rotund? He also has the handicap of having these short little legs and it is quite comical to watch him try when he tries to jump on the couch. He has to take a few practice heaves before he can actually make the jump!! Just to give you the idea of how big he is, most people think he could double as an ottoman (and he could, if he weren't so short!) Despite his extra baggage and short legs, bless his little doggy heart, he ran four times around the track, keeping in front of both BWH and Wild Thing the entire time. He even stayed in his own lane, much to the amusement of Wild Thing. Wild Thing has a very good sense of humor, so the two of them together are pretty entertaining, to say the least. Here we have a perfect match: a dog needing to lose weight who likes to run, and a boy needing to practice his endurance. Let the training begin!

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