Friday, July 11, 2008

The Jungle Room

Today's the big day! It seemed to sneek up on me, but I did manage to get this post up today, even though we aren't quite finished. Here's the project we started in my son's room:

I want to point out that pictures don't seem to really do this space justice. When I took these photos earlier today, I noticed that you don't get a sense of the depth of the space. This is the turret room, so it has a nice bay with five windows and a panoramic view of the front yard. It is a very unique space and it is in my 10 year old's room. What we were trying to create was a feeling of being in the jungle, and setting off the space he could use for reading or computer work.
We took two fairly large willow branches and attached them to the ceiling with hooks, and from that we draped all the greenery. Down the sides we used bamboo and leaves to camoflauge the wires that hook up the twinkly lights. The lanterns dangle from the branches at varying heights and they have little electric flicker candles in them which look cool at night all lit up. Here is another picture: So that is all we have finished, since the rest of the room is a disaster, I'll spare you the visual! I am going to try taking a night shot of it lit up and post that tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked our little 'jungle'!

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