Saturday, September 6, 2008

Doctor Doctor Give me the News

This same time last Saturday, this is what we were doing. Looks like fun, doesn't it?

Originally we had considered purchasing a home steam cleaner, but we didn't want to have to spend the money and then have to store a rather large thing that we only use once in a while. We do have a Little Green and I love that for small cleaning jobs, and for the car. Anyone with kids should have one of those in their home!

To find out which steamer to rent, I got online and googled until I found reviews for the Rug Doctor. Just about everyone loved the Rug doctor so much, and I was convinced we would as well. At the Rug Doctor Rental website, I had all my questions answered and decided on which model I wanted to rent. I chose the smaller one and even though I had to fill it more often, I thought it was very easy to manuever and use by myself.

We went to our nearest rental store and spent about $50.00 on the rental and solutions. Not bad, considering that having someone come in to do it would run about twice that or three times that. I do believe we would still have to move the furniture ourselves.

It turns out that moving the furniture was more time consuming and back-breaking than the actual cleaning. The Rug Doctor works so well that you need only take one pass in most cases. It didn't take much time to do. The only thing I didn't like was having to walk backwards but I just kept reminding myself of how much money I was saving and how great the carpets were going to look when I was finished. And they did. We were so pleased with the result!

We thought that we would have to leave our furniture all stacked up in the hallway and kitchen overnight, but the rugs were dry in three hours. It was amazing!

I don't get any kickbacks from this company or anything, just a happy customer willing to share a great product.

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Moody said...

I do have my own steam cleaner --a Dirt Devil. But almost as soon as I bought it we moved to a house with all wood floors! Oh well! We're going to be moving soon so it may get some more use yet. And isn't it gross when you empty the cleaner and see all the nasty dirty water? (Well at least that's what comes up in my house!)