Saturday, September 27, 2008

Picture Day Perils

For some reason, whenever it is time for pictures, whether at school or a studio, bad things happen. I don't know why but it seems to be Murphy's Law for me that I almost expect that something will happen as soon as I make an appointment.

Case in point: I don't have any formal pictures of my little princess from age four to five, because things like this happened:

That was when she was doing ballerina twirls in the kitchen and was just the right height to cause this injury when she smacked her sweet face right on the corner of my granite countertop.

Countertop, 1 Princess 0

This was right after her birthday and I had planned on bringing her in for pictures, but now I had to wait for this to heal. It took a while.

I made a new appointment, in hindsight I think that is what the problem is. Making plans. I should just randomly get up one morning and run them all to the photo place and thus outsmart those little gremlins that mess up our plans.

Anyway, I was all set to bring her in and then another mishap. The boys were running in the back door right as Princess was coming out. The door knob just happens to be about eyebrow height, and in one quick swing of the door, she had another huge laceration. This one happened when dad was at work, and I always get freaked out by the sight of my children's blood (no one else's seems to bother me, though)

It was the same eyebrow, same place as before.

We drove to the hospital (conveniently he works there) and instead of putting her through the torture of stitches again, he was able to glue her skin together and put a steri strip over it. She ended up getting the Diego Rescue Center for that injury (the boys did feel very badly!)

Door 1, Princess 0

I kind of just gave up the picture thing for a while, and planned on getting one of the whole family at Christmas, except that didn't happen. We were finally injury free but then had a *dickens* of a time trying to get an appointment (pun intended!) I guess the photo places get pretty busy that time of year.

So, you can imagine how excited I was for picture day. This is her first school picture and I wanted it to be perfect. As they will, though things started conspiring again.

First, she lost her cute little Gymboree dress, you know the denim one with the Bavarian style embroidery? It looks adorable on her and that's what I had planned for her to wear. Except she wore it on Thursday night and misplaced it. I couldn't find it ANY.where. The only other dress that was picture worthy was a size 3T. Just slightly small, since she wears a 5T most of the time. It fit everywhere except the skirt, which was a bit short. It did hang past her fingertips, just *barely* I told her it would be ok as long as she didn't bend over all day!

Then I decided to style her hair, something she doesn't normally let me do. Usually she wears her hair in pony tails or just down, whenever we use bows or barrettes they come out and get lost. I stopped buying those cute matching Gymboree bows a long time ago. I had visions of all these cute styles I could try when I had a girl, and well, that doesn't happen. Luckily, she looks adorable even without the accessories.

My curling iron decided to break right when I was doing the last cute little ringlet. At least it didn't break after only the half way point. I could have sent that picture in to Ellen's bad hair day photo contest. I fluffed and sprayed and she looked like an angel.

Before we left the house, I took some 'practice' pictures, just for fun. Good thing I did, because when we stepped outside, it was foggy, and the curl completely went flat. She has my hair, unfortunately-- baby fine and no body. She does have a little natural curl but not much.

I won't know if her pictures turned out for about a month, and with a face as cute as hers, I'm sure that her school picture is just perfect but in the meantime, here are the practice pictures we took before going to school yesterday:

She has the model head tilt! What a little diva :-) If you look closely, you can see the nice scar above her eyebrow. I guess with two brothers, if that's all that happens, she's doing ok.

The smile is a little forced but isn't she just precious?

This is a cute one too. I don't think she can take a bad picture.

Gotta love Picture day!

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Moody said...

Oh, ow! Poor little eyebrow! I always try to get my kids to wear certain clothes, but they always have a mind of their own. I've learned my lesson now, and let them wear what they want. I love your little princess's hair. She looks so very pretty! I'm sure her school photo will be perfect, how can you go wrong with a face like that?