Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend News Update

I removed the playlist because I found myself pausing it to read. I don't know if everyone does this but it can get distracting. It may come back in some form, later on.

Now that October is off to a good start, it is time for us to start visiting our favorite pumpkin patch farms. Next weekend should be early enough to get some good pumpkins but not too early that they spoil by Halloween. We are going to do something different this year and try the local railroad which is hosting a pumpkin farm trip. It looks like a lot of fun. Some fun pumpkin facts are revealed here.

Over at A to Z Teacher Stuff, there are lots of fun things to do with the kids this month!

It is already time to start thinking about the Christmas photo. I start in October every year and somehow I am still scrambling to get the cards out by the second week of December. Every year I have these grandiose ideas for a great photo but something happens in the translation. I really love receiving photo cards of my friends' families and seeing how much their kids have grown since last Christmas, or since the last time we saw them which these days is last Christmas. I'll keep you posted on our progress as it "develops".

This morning after dropping the kids off at school, I stopped at my mailbox to get the weekend mail, and guess what? My charge bill (which is due tomorrow!) is in my mailbox, returned because I put the check in front of the mailing address and since the post office isn't clairvoyant, they had to send it back to me. Darn! I'm paying fifteen bucks for phone pay again! Conspiracy, I say!

Woodshop hubby's birthday is coming up and I'm trying to think of what to get him that I can afford. He wants a miter saw, but that might have to wait. Do you think he will like a Rockler gift card instead? I hope so! Don't worry, he says he doesn't read my blog!
The reason he can't have a miter saw is that we just had some repairs done. Somehow, whenever you have a few extra dollars in the checking account, something comes along to eat it up!

It all started with water stains on our kitchen ceiling. I don't know much about indoor plumbing, but I do know that when you see water stains it is not good, especially when the shower is directly above the kitchen. We looked and looked for a good plumber (they are HARD to find!) The first two were left messages and never returned our call. The next one didn't speak English, at least not very well. The criteria for a good plumber dictates that he is able to communicate with his clients. On to number four, who came out the same day, checked the entire house and fixed the problem in under a few hundred dollars. Believe me, we thought it would be much more expensive than that! We were thrilled. Now we only have to pay another couple hundred to get that hole in the ceiling fixed. Boy when it rains, it pours.

Or it's the shower leaking.

We went to the sock hop on Friday and it was so fun! The kids love this annual event and it is a lot of fun for everyone. A little loud and crazy but fun. Here's a picture of daddy and princess having a dance:

Princess and Daddy at the Sock Hop

I'm not posting my picture, the one I had taken while I'm standing next to the Elvis cut out is not a good picture. I look FAT! That's bad, when you look fat standing next to Elvis! I was wondering why I keep seeing those Medifast banners pop up on every webpage I visit. My computer is trying to tell me something...

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Moody said...

You've had a lot going on! Grrr to credit cards. It's definitely a conspiracy! Good job finding a decent plumber. That is not an easy chore. Hang on to his phone # for sure! Looks like so much fun at the sock hop. Princess looks adorable in her little skirt. I really don't believe you're "fat", I think you're just being way too hard on yourself, like we all do.