Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good news and Bad news

As disappointed as I felt last night when Barack Obama won, I know that the bigger picture here is that even though this election didn't turn out the way I wanted (and many others as well)-- I realized that as a pro-life Catholic Christian, there is a lot of work to be done out there. This should be seen as a wake-up call for all of us to pray harder, support pro-life organizations more and gather together for this uphill battle which just got a little more difficult. Honestly, I don't see how a practicing Catholic could in good conscience vote for Obama considering his stance on abortion. I did wonder about that, these past few months, as I would drive into our Catholic school parking lot and see Obama stickers on cars and kids wearing Obama bracelets. I knew then that things were pretty bad.

I am disappointed that Initiative 1000 was passed. I am disappointed that Christine Gregoire was elected instead of Dino Rossi. I am disappointed that John McCain lost. That's the bad news.

The good news? Even though I didn't vote for Obama, I do rejoice that we live in a country that can in just 40 years overcome insurmountable odds to make it possible for an African American to not only run for President, but be elected President. I can appreciate the historical significance of this day for all Americans. I don't dislike Obama for his color, after all. It's his socialistic politics and stance on abortion I don't like.

Another piece of good news is that surprisingly (I am pleasantly surprised) California voted to ban gay marriage. I didn't see that one coming. It gives me hope that things can turn around in our country, baby steps at a time.

In the meanwhile, I think it's important to remember that no matter what race, political party, or religion we are that we are all members of this great nation. We are Americans. That didn't change.

And for the record, my dad who called me last night (gloating?) that I wasted my vote-- (I know you were kidding Dad.) It is a little hard to admit defeat, and I was feeling a little (or a lot) sad that it didn't go my way. So enjoy your victory dance and let's hope that in four years I'll get a chance to return the favor! I didn't waste my vote, I don't regret voting for McCain, and I will always think of him as an American hero.

So, what needs to happen now?

For me it means a stronger commitment to pro-life causes through action and financial support and not just expecting others to do the work. I am going to do my part to help. For another, it means praying the Rosary Every. Single. Day. Going to Adoration. Reconciliation. Putting faith in action by living it authentically and joyously. I try to do these things but I'm going to try harder and know that my contribution is making a difference. One hour in Adoration covers a multitude of badness in this world. One Rosary said devoutly is worth more than any amount of money. One Mass is worth infinitely more than we can fathom. So that's where I'm putting my priorities. Stronger devotion to the Catholic faith and knowing that no matter what happens in the world, there is another reality waiting for us in Eternity.

For a spiritual kick in the behind, go to Spirit Daily.

And pray like crazy for our country, our world, our future.


Lerin said...

I was really pleasantly surprised at California's vote as well! I have to believe that those who voted for Obama were ill-informed about his radical pro-abortion stance... that maybe there is still hope that our nation has not gone off the center to the left!

Moody said...

I was very surprised that prop 8 passed! Now all those who preach being "tolerant" are protesting because they didn't get their way and they can't "tolerate" an opinion that's different from theirs!

You are truly inspirational when it comes to your spiritual devotion!

I read all your posts and enjoyed all the fun fall pictures too!