Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wouldn't You Like to Be A Pepper, Too?

Remember that slogan? The "I'm not a Diet Coke, Pepsi, or Rootbeer, but an ORIGINAL, nobody's like me, Dr. Pepper?" Well, I'm noticing that there are so many "Dr. Peppers" out there in blog land. Every single day, I follow a new link that brings me to another fabulous blog. My favorites button has so many now that I can't just sit down and catch up on all of them in one sitting. My time reading has exponentially grown as I am so fascinated with each new 'find'.

There's a lot of Peppers out there. So many fun, original and creative writers of everyday life. As a matter of fact, I told my husband the other day how much all the bloggers that I read every day inspire me. For example, I told him that if "so and so" with the seven kids can homeschool, keep a clean house, and manage to do all she does in one day then it should be a breeze for me with only three kids (and no homeschool, and um, well, a semi-organized house.) And believe me, the idea that someone out there has it tougher than me really helps me keep going. Don't take that the wrong way or anything.

Well, it didn't make sense to my husband but it makes sense to me. I told him that reading blogs of other moms was a sort of self-imposed peer pressure for me. Hey, whatever works, right? If I am inspired to clean out my pantry and try cooking a new dish or whatever it is, then it's a good thing. I learn so much every day about being a mom, wife, sister, friend-- you name it--- and the best part is to know that whatever it is I'm going through that I am not alone. The blogosphere is full of lots of people who not only understand, but they've written about it for me to read!! There is such comfort in that. There are things that we may never share with our closest friends that we don't think twice blogging about, or commenting on someone's blog about. I love that about blogging.

I love to read, and blogging satisfies that. It is like having a new magazine article to read each day. I can't wait to see what's going on in the blog lives of my favorite bloggers. I am sad when sometimes for no apparent reason, a favorite blogger just stops blogging or they take an extended break because I really love going to their little place in cyberspace. When it isn't there or accessible it makes me sad. I wonder what happened and hope they are o.k. That is the only downfall of blogging, is that many times, those people never really know the influence they had on someone they will never meet.

So, we are all Peppers in some way, we are all unique, interesting, have something to say. It's just that we don't always know who's reading or listening. Maybe that is the magic of blogging. My son would say that if everyone were rich, then no one would be rich (the philosopher!) but I say that everyone is a Pepper. I just wish I had more time to read about them all.


Moody said...

Great post!

I've had to limit my blog reading a little bit, because I could spend all day reading blogs. It does help me not feel so alone to know others have trials and difficulties, and that they share those, is so amazing. And like you say, they may never know how they have touched others.

Carly said...

Just like today, when Antique Mommy's Carnival led me here, to find another fabulous blog by a fellow Catholic.


And, oddly enough, the word verification I need to type out to post this comment contains the word "pepper".