Friday, December 12, 2008

Here Comes Frosty!

We are supposed to be getting really chilly temperatures this Sunday (below freezing!) Up to now, we've enjoyed a fairly mellow fall season, but look out here comes the arctic blast! The news said that we haven't had these kind of temperatures since 2004, which is long enough to have forgotten. Today I'm making sure the kids have boots and snow gear that fits, since we haven't needed them for quite some time. I will head out to Kohl's and buy what they need as I'm pretty sure Monday is going to be a snow day. The schools call snow days around here if there's even a possibility of snow. Last year we had one snowless snow day. This year it looks like we're actually getting the snow, too!
When we lived in Montana, we were so used to the snow that it never stopped anything from happening. One Christmas morning it had snowed so much overnight that we couldn't see the top of our mailbox! I can't imagine what would happen here if we ever got that much snow!

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Moody said...

Up here we rarely get a snow day either---we're used to just toughing it out. We're supposed to get a lot of snow, but 'tis the season, so bring it on!