Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter Storm 2008

Did we ever get the Arctic Blast that was forecast! Our area is just not used to this much snow at one time. There have been road closures, Christmas service cancellations, airport delays and flight cancellations, Amtrack delays, etc. This magnitude of winter weather hasn't been seen in 30 (oops I mean 40!) years around here. They keep talking about the Big Storm of 68 in comparing these two storms. Of course, I'm not *old* enough to remember that and besides, I didn't live here anyway. The newscasters certainly are giving their age away to admit they actually remember the event.

Luckily we haven't had anywhere really pressing to go, except a few minor outings to the grocery store and the post office. After busy woodshop hubby dug out our mile long driveway all by hand (why would anyone around here have a snowblower?), we took the car with chains down to the main street post office to mail our Christmas cards, which for the most part will arrive at their destinations sometime after Christmas depending on how far they have to travel.

Also fortunately, I had gone to Costco in preparation for this big storm, braved the crazy Christmas crowds (thank heavens for Executive Membership at least!) and stocked up on pantry items and our Christmas dinner.

And I didn't forget entertainment. Thinking ahead to days stuck in the house I bought a 550 pc puzzle, which I have been putting together by myself. The boys ditched the project before we even got all the straight edge pieces sorted out. I won't quit, though and I have it almost finished. All I have to say about puzzles is not to start one on your dining table unless you have somewhere else to have dinner for a couple days.

Today, we are expecting more snow, they are saying 1-3", which really doesn't sound like that much until you have to shovel it. Then again tomorrow morning, Christmas day we will be getting even more snow. We will be having a very white Christmas this year!

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Moody said...

I have had many white Christmases, and can honestly say I'm kind of glad we're far enough down the hill now that that's not a worry (of course you didn't think you'd get a bunch of snow either, so I better watch what I say). I love puzzles and get obsessed with them. My oldest loves to do them too, so I usually have a partner though! Have a wonderful white Christmas!