Thursday, March 12, 2009

Memo to the Birthday Industry

Ok, so I'm planning my daughter's 6th birthday. I go to the store to get printable invitations, and I need about 13 or 14. They come 10 in the box. So I guess I'll have a few left over. Then, I go to get the paper goods. 8 napkins come in a pack, but the plates come in 12. Can you tell me why? The party favors are the same way. Some are 4, 6 or 8 in the pack. The gift bags come in 12, so I had to buy two packs of those. The bubbles came in a 24 pack. I'm going to end up with all sorts of extras from buying different quantities. This is really driving me crazy!

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Moody said...

I know, it drives me crazy too! I've ordered from Oriental Trading where everything comes in 12s and limited the guests so that it all worked out, but that's not always the answer. Our kindergarten has a "treasure box" that the kids get to choose something from for good behavior, so maybe you could donate extras to something like that? I'm pretty sure the party industry knows EXACTLY what they're doing though! GRRRR