Saturday, March 28, 2009

Praying for Stellan

MckMama is the author of one of my favorite blogs, My Charming Kids. I found her blog many months ago and have watched the story of her youngest child, Stellan unfold.

Stellan is a miracle baby, or what MckMama calls, a

You see, Stellan was diagnosed with heart problems while still in utero, and many people began praying for him. The doctors had a dismal prognosis then, saying he wouldn't make it to birth, or if he did, then not much after.

Well that is when literally thousands of people began praying for him and, to show just how much they all loved this little boy, Stellan's name gallery was created. The pictures of Stellan's name in very creative ways are from people all over the world, a stunning example of how much he was loved and prayed for even before he was born.

He was born perfectly healthy. No sign of the heart troubles that had plagued him before birth. He truly is a miracle! In the last few months, we have watched him grow, and fallen in love with him.

But last week, things took a sudden turn for the worse. Stellan is currently in the hospital with severe abnormal heart rhythms that seemed to come out of the blue.

Could you just take a moment to pray for him?

While we are praying for him, Lauren, over at Knowing Norrah has organized Stellan's name gallery Part II so that we can once again show the McFamily just how much this little boy is loved and being held up in prayer. Please follow the links and add your own contribution to Stellan's gallery. Spread the word!

My daughter put her My Little Pony collection to good use! Here is our contribution to the Stellan Name Gallery, part 2:

Stellan's Prayer Blog

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Moody said...

Wow what an amazing mom she is, and what an amazing baby Stellan is. Gosh, just reading that, I can't imagine how hard it must be.I will definitely be praying and checking in on her blog. I loved the photo gallery and I LOVE the my little pony version of Stellan!