Monday, March 2, 2009

You Might be Catholic If.....

Many years ago, I had come across a list with this title and while most of it was true, it was also funny! I searched but couldn't find the original list. So I decided to make my own little list:

You Might be Catholic If....

When cleaning out your car, you find an assortment of items such as: holy cards, a Rosary, saints medals, a purple candle from Advent, or a collection of Mass bulletins.

You make the Sign of the Cross while passing a church.

You say prayers for the souls in Purgatory when driving past a cemetary.

You have a Holy Water font by your front door.

You practice natural family planning.

You have all of Scott Hahn's books.

You have a name for your Guardian Angel.

You pray the Rosary every day.

When you hear an ambulance siren, you pray a Hail Mary for the person inside.

You have a bottle of Holy Water in your purse.

You have read St. Therese's Story of a Soul many times.

The bookmarks in your computer have more than 50 Catholic sites.

You ask St. Anthony to help you find things. Daily.

You know that a vocation is more than just a job, it is also a calling.

You can quote Mother Teresa extensively.

Your TV is tuned to EWTN most of the time.

You celebrate your Confirmation Saint's feast day.

You are a Godparent to at least two children.

Your idea of current events is reading Catholic World News.

You have a drawer full of dried palms from prior Palm Sundays.

You regularly go to Confession.

You can name the seven Sacraments without blinking.

You know at least two nuns that still dress in religious Habits.

When you stub your toe, you "offer it up" for the souls in Purgatory.

You have a statue of Mary in your house.

You have a statue of Mary in your garden.

You coordinate your Sunday dress in liturgical colors.

You have a favorite pew.

You have a pro-life bumper sticker or two.

Your refrigerator is covered in prayer cards and Holy cards.

You have a Divine Mercy picture on your wall.

You have a Crucifix in each bedroom.

You know the patron saint of your profession.

Your car radio is tuned to the Catholic station.

You would never dream of missing Sunday Mass or a Holy Day of Obligation.

You know which days ARE Holy Days of Obligation.

You wear a crucifix, holy medal, or scapular. Or all three.

You are known on a first-name basis at your local Catholic bookstore.

You understand Latin.

Your favorite priest is Father Corapi.

You create lists titled, "You Might be Catholic If"

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Moody said...

Very're an awesome Catholic mom!