Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kicking off another Catholic Schools Week!

Catholic schools week is always celebrated the last week of January.  This year's theme is A+ for America.   Our school is commemorating this week by having lots of fun and enriching activities for the kids.  Today, the kids will receive a free dress pass for wearing their school uniform to Mass.  Most of the kids love free dress days as they are few and far between! 

Catholic school for us means quite a commitment and financial sacrifice as it does for most of the other families who choose this as a way to educate their children.  It means paying a steep tuition and other fees.  It means commuting each day to and from.  It means investing our time with share hours that each family is required to meet.  We have done a mix of public school and private school and their are pros and cons to each.  By sending our children to a primary Catholic school, we believe that they are getting a good foundation both spiritually and academically.  Going to our parish school also connects us more closely to the faith community in which we belong.  

One of the best things about Catholic school is the structure and discipline it provides but you won't see any nuns with rulers at our school.  The teachers our children have had through the years have all been dedicated professionals who see their teaching as not just a job but a calling.  They realize that they are helping to shape minds and souls, that teaching the whole child means addressing their spiritual needs as well as their academic needs.  It is the reason we have chosen this road, because we know that both are important.  Our children will always have a firm foundation because of their years spent at a Catholic school!

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Moody said...

I'm glad to see you blogging again! I like hearing about your Catholic school. Spirituality is definitely missing in schools! How cool to get a free-dress pass! That's quite an incentive.