Saturday, April 21, 2007

When was the last time you....

Since I'm new in the blogging world (as an author, that is!) I thought I would join in the fun and fill out my very first meme. So here goes:

When was the Last Time You ...

When was the last time I ...
1. kissed someone? kissed my busywoodshop hubby goodbye this morning as he took Wild Thing to his track meet.

2. drank coffee? lol right now as we speak. I drink Folger's instant with Coffeemate Vanilla Caramel (it's an acquired taste)

3. read a book? Last night-- I read three stories for Princess and then read my book while I wait for her to fall asleep

4. cursed? If "darn it" counts, then every day just about.

5. had a nightmare? I always dream that I'm back in high school and can't open my locker and I'm late for class (is that a nightmare?)

6. checked your email? 10 minutes ago

7. had a crush? 17 years ago and still going strong!

8. drove a car? yesterday, to a Little League game

9. rode a roller coaster? A few years ago. Hershey Park with the kids

10. took a nap? Last Sunday. I like to catnap on Sunday afternoons.

11. went to the movies? Charlotte's Web

12. drank alcohol? last night *Mike's Cranberry Lemonade*

13. went to a party? Christmas

14. said “I love you"? every night to busywoodshop hubby before we go to sleep

15. cooked a meal? This morning, I made bacon, eggs, toast. I cook dinner every night, last night we had Sloppy Joe's.

16. exercised? What? I'm supposed to exercise??

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