Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Crazy for Daisy

We have been terribly busy lately, what with a new puppy and all. Going out with Daisy is like traveling with a rock star. She is irresistable to just about everyone, and now she knows more people in our neighborhood than we do. A puppy sure is a conversation starter, I can tell you that. The Kid brought her to our parish picnic where I found him just about constantly surrounded by a group of girls all smitten with Daisy.

I'm helping the Kid learn how to train his pup. She's still doing well with training, although we found that she pees on anything which is flat and happens to be laying on the floor, which is great if it is her training pad but not so great when it is a new play tent belonging to the Princess. We decided that between potty breaks outside, she can hang out on the back deck, which works out fine and keeps the carpet (and other things) from accidents.

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