Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I went out this morning right after the last post to take photos of all the "Before's"

The rock we need to move from point A to point B:

Here is point B, not exactly a 'before' since we have already started on this project. I didn't get a picture before we planted the bushes:

Here's the unfinished part:

On to the weeding area:

The pantry, which in the photo doesn't really look all that bad, but trust me, it's a mess!

My desk area, which could be organized in about an hour or two, so why haven't I done it? This is one of the great mysteries of life.

The patio:

And finally, the craft room, which in all likelyhood will still look like this on July 25th:

Those are my projects! Not as ambitious as some, but pretty ambitious for me!

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