Friday, July 25, 2008

A little more time

Oh I can't tell you how relieved I was this morning to read over at BooMama's that the Before and After extravaganza which was scheduled for today has been postponed! I wasn't really ready yet either, having only two of the five projects finished. I mean really, who was I kidding? My craft room has been in need of organization since we moved in here, um, three years ago? And I thought I would finish it in a matter of weeks? yeah, right. For my pantry, I have visions of organized shelves with stackable clear containers, everything perfectly in place but that hasn't happened, what with three kids in there constantly foraging for food and one of them being a pre-teen who is apparently either getting ready for a growth spurt or winter hibernation (maybe both, that would be nice)

I was thinking that signing up for a before/after would force me to actually get it done, but then, life keeps getting in the way. In the past few weeks, we have gone on a summer houseboat trip with another family (which was awesome!); taught the fourth grade for a week at Vacation Bible school; sent the hubby and kids to California; and starting on Monday, we have had a crew of painters changing the color of our pink victorian to a very beautiful green. (I still can be pretty in pink, though!) So, we have had plenty of excuses to not do the projects, even though I have to say that I really need to get busy now that I have some extra time! Thanks Boo Mama for the extension on the deadline!

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