Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Houston, we have a problem. I recently discovered that I might have made a brain association between reading and sleeping . You see, every night after the monkeys are in bed, I crawl in my comfy bed with all the pillows, get everything just so (that means kicking the dog out of my spot, fluffing up the pillows and pulling the covers from hubby), and I settle in with a book, any book off my conveniently located "library" stacked up on my nightstand. By this time of the day, I am usually pretty tired but I love to read so I get my trusty booklight out and start to read. After a few paragraphs, I start to fall asleep. Usually I wake up about an hour later, still in the reading position, with the book open and the light still on. Ok, well I guess it's wishful thinking that when I can finally have a few minutes to myself to read that I actually could stay awake and enjoy it.

Night time is one thing. During the day, however, this is what happens. Sunday afternoon, we have come back from church, had lunch and the kids all go off to do their thing. Here's my chance to have a few moments to spend with my book. So, I open it up and start to read. Guess what happens? I fall asleep! This has happened just about every time I try to read, regardless of the time of day or where I am. The most embarrassing time was when it happened in the car line! It's nice when all the other parents see you with drool coming out the side of your mouth and a magazine in your hands while you're sitting in your vehicle.

So, what to do? I don't really know. I'm sure if I told my doctor I would hear what I usually hear in which everything is attributed to getting older. I'm not sure I would be taken seriously, but I do think that this is a problem! I will resort to my research assistant, (ahem) Google, and let you know what I find.

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Moody said...

I just think you need more sleep! this happens to me too if I haven't slept enough.I hate it when I'm enjoying a book, but can't keep my eyes open. Yep, my opinion is that you need to sleep in as much as possible! (I know, like that's gonna happen)