Monday, December 8, 2008

Cinnamon Bear

Yesterday, we went on our second annual Cinnamon Bear Cruise. Last year we had so much fun we decided we would make it a family tradition and go every year. We first were introduced to the story of Cinnamon Bear
the year we moved here through the school when our oldest son was in second grade. It seems that Cinnamon bear has a lot of adventures in Maybeland. Along the way, he meets Crazy Quilt Dragon, Queen Melissa, Wintergreen Witch (a bad witch-- every story has to have a bad witch), Captain Taffy and the Candy Buccaneers, Jack Frost and Santa Claus.

As we cruised down the river, we heard the story of Cinnamon Bear as told by Queen Melissa:

Then we were treated to a magic show by Presto the very talented magician.

He's quite funny too!

meeting a fairy

The children had a chance to steer the ship courtesy of Captain Taffy, become candy buccaneers and then they had the most important task of helping Crazy Quilt Dragon find the missing star:

candy buccaneer

Where is the Silver Star?

While the kids were being entertained, we were looking on the shoreline at these amazing houses. Here is one of the fabulous waterfront properties that we saw:

Do you think this house ends up on a lot of blogs? (I do!)

me and the busy woodshop hubby:

Here's the whole gang:

Bye Cinnamon Bear and friends! See you next year!

We had a great time on the Cinnamon Bear Cruise!

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Moody said...

I've never heard of the cinnamon bear story, but it sounds really cute and the cruise looks like so much fun! What a neat tradition!