Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Jesse Tree

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These are our Jesse Tree ornaments, made for me by a dear "cyber" buddy I met years ago in a Catholic Mom's forum. Every year since, we have enjoyed them and used them for our Advent devotions. Each year when I take these out, I always stop to think of this dear lady whom I've never met in person and her thoughtfulness to take the time to make them for me.
Isn't the internet wonderful?

The Jesse tree is the family tree of Jesus. Through the geneology of Jesus are the stories of the patriarchs of the Old Testament. From Genesis to the birth of Jesus, it is the story of our salvation history.

Starting on December 1, we read the Scripture verse on the back of the ornament. The picture of the verse is depicted on the front of the ornament. Then it is hung on our Jesse tree. Through the month, we will read many stories of God's Divine plan for us, as it unfolds.

The Scripture verses for these ornaments are listed below, although they can vary from Jesse tree to tree. I did find a link where you can download instructions and pictures to make your own ornaments. I love our hand drawn ornaments, and I recommend that if you have the time, to have the kids draw their own. It will be a keepsake treasure for the family for many Advents to come.

Here are the Scripture verses on the back of each ornament in the picture above:

Day 1: 1Samuel 16:1-13
Day 2: Genesis 1:24-28
Day 3: Genesis 3:1-24
Day 4: Genesis 6:11-22
Day 5: Genesis 12:1-7
Day 6: Genesis 22:1-4
Day 7: Genesis 28:11-14
Day 8: Isaiah 9:2-7
Day 9: Genesis 37:1-36
Day 10:Exodus 20:1-17
Day 11:1Samuel 3:1-21
Day 12:1Samuel 16:10-23
Day 13:Psalm 23
Day 14:1Kings 3:3-28
Day 15:Isaiah 6:1-8
Day 16:Jeremiah 31:31-34
Day 17:Hebrews 1:1-14
Day 18:Luke 1:5-25
Day 19:Luke 1:26-38
Day 20:Luke 1:39-56
Day 21:Luke 1:57-80
Day 22:Matthew 1:18-25
Day 23:Matthew 2:1-12
Day 24:Luke 2:1-20
Day 25:John 1:1-18
More instructions can be found at: Catholic Culture


Moody said...

That's really neat, and the ornaments are gorgeous! What a treasure!

momto5minnies said...

How neat ... I'll have to check out that site. We have never done a Jesse Tree.