Friday, January 30, 2009

Catholic Schools Week 2009 Comes to a Close

Well, we had a lot of fun this week. On Monday, the kids wore their PJ's to school and the kindergarteners had a read-in with their eighth grade buddies. Little princess thought it was so fun to wear pajamas to school! After all those mornings that I've threatened to take her in her pajamas to nudge her into getting ready faster, this morning she got right out of bed already dressed for school! We were actually a few minutes early. It sure would be nice if they could wear pj's to school more often! Not to mention that if you've never seen a bunch of teachers in their pj's at 3:00 in the afternoon, you really don't know what you're missing!

Tuesday was Western Day. Princess had some really cute little pink cowgirl boots that fit her last year, but unfortunately she outgrew those. So, we did without the boots and instead she wore a cute little red felt cowgirl hat and a red bandana around her neck. She looked adorable! Her brother decided on a blue bandana and wore jeans. That doesn't sound like a lot, but consider that this kid never wears pants (except on Christmas and Easter at Mass, because I insist!) He has worn shorts all through the winter since second grade. Even on really cold days. The teachers and other kids are so unaccustomed to seeing him in pants that he got a standing ovation!

Wednesday was crazy sock day. And let me tell you, there were some crazy socks running around school that day. I wish I had brought my camera and taken some pictures. Wednesday if you remember, is also the day we come early to school to go to Mass. I wish I could describe the dichotomy of kids wearing crazy socks while going up to receive our Lord in Communion.

Thursday was 70's day. Daddy and I got a kit at the craft store and tie-dyed two shirts for the kids to wear. Princess even wore her hair down and parted in the middle, which is a pretty easy hairstyle to pull off. Then, Brother had made his own peace sign necklace and wore that with the blue bandana, this time as a headband. They really looked great. Again, I should have pulled out the camera, I suppose. Maybe they will re-enact all this just for the blog!

Then, today was Grandparent Day. Princess was upset that her grandparents couldn't come (they live a couple states away and are not in good health). I walked her to class, where all the kids were mingling with their grandparents and she looked at me sadly, I knew what she was thinking. I told her that they would be here if they could. I offered to come in and visit so she wouldn't feel so left out and then I met one of her little friends she is always talking about. I asked her friend if her grandparents were coming and she said they would be there a little later and when she found out that Princess didn't have any grandparents coming, she said to her, "I'll share mine with you!" And they hugged, that sweet uninhibited kind of hug only five year olds know how to do.

Another highlight of the week was the Penny Drive. The school decided to donate this year's collection to help kids with leukemia and lymphoma. Princess was asking us each day for money to help sick children. It is so nice to see her learning compassion and helping others in their time of need. One penny isn't much by itself, but when a whole school collects them together, it sure can make a difference. What a wonderful lesson.

And so ends Catholic Schools Week 2009. Next year I promise to bring my camera!

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