Friday, January 30, 2009

Something about January

Well, there is only one day left of January now, but after Christmas is over and the kids are back in a routine, for some reason I always want to go to the craft store and buy yarn. I love the fluffy soft yarn in just about any color! Right now I'm knitting three scarves because that's all I know how to make. I use the big needles so it goes really fast. Knitting is like therapy, it makes you feel useful while you're watching TV.

Which is another favorite January pastime. What else is there to do except listen to the kids bicker at each other? Hubby and I found a *new to us* show we really like on USA. Burn Notice. It's really rare that we both like the same show. I watch Grey's Anatomy and he doesn't like that show. But when he does watch it with me, he always points out the medical inconsistencies. I guess he sees the real deal every day so a show about it isn't that interesting to him. He likes to watch UFC, which I just don't understand. A bunch of guys getting paid to beat each other up. I will never understand that sport. I love Nancy Grace, she is one tough lady. He can't stand her show and refuses to watch it so I watch it while I make dinner (it comes on in my time zone at 5:00) He likes action (read: violence) while I like real life or drama. But at least we found something that appeals to us both.

Another winter activity I always want to do is make bread. The smell of fresh baked bread with soup is one of my favorite winter things. I get out my breadmaker and do it the easy way, but I really have been wanting to try baking bread from scratch. Lent is coming up and that's a great time for soup and bread dinners.
Another thing I love about January. Summer is still so far off that I feel like I have all the time in the world to lose a few pounds. My clothes aren't fitting quite as well as I want and I bought a new scale which has been brutally honest with me. It's not pretty. But the good thing is that I can hide all that extra weight with sweaters WHILE I'm working it off in leisure. There's a reason that gym memberships always increase this time of year....

January is a clean slate and I like that too. The thought of a whole year ahead to do whatever I want. The possibilities. That is the best thing about January.

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