Monday, February 2, 2009

Murphy's Law Applies in Church, Too

I don't know who Murphy is, but he must be one of the unluckiest guys on this planet!

Did you know that it is Murphy's Law that says:

"If you run out the door to go to church on Sunday without making sure your two pre-teen boys have combed their hair and put on decent, non-stained, matching clothing; and your five year old daughter has a front tooth dangling ready to fall out at any minute; and your husband is wearing his "comfortable" clothes; then it is guaranteed that your family will be asked upon your arrival at Mass to bring up the Gifts of bread and wine, so that your family's dishevelment may be visible to the entire congregation."

I didn't know about that obscure little law until yesterday.

You've been duly warned.

1 comment:

Moody said...

Oh that Murphys Law, it's pretty tricky - just when you think you know them all...there's another to learn (the hard way) LOL!