Friday, March 20, 2009

Class Auction Project

This year I was on the 5th grade auction project committee (can you call it a committee when there's only 2 people, I wonder?) Each year, every class comes up with a hand made project done by the kids, which hopefully ends up going for lots of money at the auction. There is a lot of pressure to come up with something that is unique and appealing to a lot of different people. Our committee decided to do a project that had been done in the past, since it was popular the last time around we hoped it might be again.

We ordered a fire pit from and took out the granite around the edges. We added a layer of hardiplank, which is fireproof, for a base where the tiles would go. The space is just perfect for 20 4x4 tiles, and then the four corners for a total of 24 tiles. Then, we had each student paint a Northwest theme on their tile. The tiles were taken back to the ceramic studio where they were fired. The next step was creating a layout, numbering the tiles and placing them in permanently with thin set and grout.

Here is the result:

Auction project 2009

The top to the firepit is resting to the side. All in all, this project went together very easily! We are happy with the result and hope that our project brings in lots of money for the school.

Here are some of the other projects:

Kindergarten Picnic Table

See the next picture to find out what the letters are made of......

A close up... The words are created by the kids! Isn't that cute?

A tile table top

Advent Plate

And a herd of colorful cows:


Moody said...

Those are all so awesome! They're all so clever and creative and nicely done. I do think yours is the best though, and I'm not just saying that. I would love to have something like that.

memary3 said...

I absolutely love the plates with the children's pictures on them. How cleaver! Would you mind letting me know the process you used to make the plates??