Monday, March 16, 2009


Does anyone RSVP anymore? I'm curious, because I sent out invitations to my daughter's sixth birthday party which will be held next weekend at a local farm. What we decided to do is invite all the girls in her class, since the party venue can accomodate about 8-10 children. We thought to invite the whole class might end up with too many children. However, now I'm worried that we won't have enough. Or any.

Ok, so it is spring break starting on Friday. I get that.

However, I did say on the invite to RSVP either way.

I am stressing a little today because we haven't gotten one response yet. Well, we got one but they're not coming. So, we haven't gotten any positive responses yet.

This is what I'm thinking.

If I don't hear from anyone by the RSVP date, should I assume that they are not coming? Should I call each person and ask?

Most people understand that even if they aren't coming, they should still call and let the host know. It is difficult to plan a party and figure out gift bags, games, prizes, etc. if you have no idea how many are coming.

This whole party planning thing is just way too stressful. If I invited the whole class, then they would all come. I invited just the girls, and it looks like we may not have any. I have to wait two more days until the RSVP date.

Here's a thought.

Next time you get an invitation, please just call right away and let the host know one way or the other. Don't wait until the very last minute, or worse, after the RSVP date has gone by. What if I cancel the party thinking no one is coming and then they all call on Thursday?


Moody said...

That's really frustrating, and I've had that happen too. Usually I hear from most, but there are those that just show up. I say wait until the rsvp date then call everyone. A hassle, but you have to know how many so you can plan.

momto5minnies said...

I know that frustration. When I moved to this state, I found that more people put REGRETS only on invites. So, when I would put RSVP I would often get no response. Lots of assumers out there.

I hope that most of those children can come and your daughter has a great party.