Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My name is Rose, and I am a bloucher......

That would be ME. A blogging sloucher, or "bloucher". I think I made up the term but I read so many blogs I wouldn't necessarily trust my memory that I've never seen that word before.

This is the time of year that my blog goes right down the tubes. It coincides with the sun coming back out, the plants starting to grow, and my need to get moving and start shedding the winter weight that seemed to pile on so easily.

Spring is springing here and it makes it tough to sit and type all the wonderful blog posts that I have running around in my head. It's true-- I think of such witty and original posts that for some strange reason, never make it to the written form. By the time I sit down, all the words have somehow sat too long in the unrefrigerated part of my brain and have turned into a big soggy mess of brain goo. But I amuse myself while I'm out there pulling weeds. I guess it's not all for nothing.

So, I went to the doctor this week for some good old-fashioned poking and prodding. I'm trying to figure out this perimenopausal body I find myself in these days. Nothing works the way it should and I can't tell the difference between what is 'normal' and what is a red flag for going to the doctor. I'm sure they think I'm a classic hypochondriac.

Ok, so I call the advice nurse and this is how stupid I sounded. "Hello-- I'm calling about a few symptoms I've been having lately. I'm gaining weight right in the abdominal area. A lot. And, I haven't had a period in three months."

silent pause.

"NO, I know what it sounds like, but I am not pregnant! Also, I have been feeling light-headed, having headaches, mood-swings and shaky after eating."

Basically, a train wreck.

Or normal.

I gave about two pints of blood for testing and a urine sample, and will see my doctor again next week to find out which.

I told my husband that going through perimenopause is like having to play a game you used to know but all the rules changed and nobody told you what they were.

I keep telling myself this is a natural process. It does help a little.


Moody said...

I've been blouching too. Must be spring fever. I can't come up with a decent post to save my life. Oh well. I definitely getting perimenopausal too. I still get periods on time, but very light and much shorter (that's the plus), then I get crazy headaches at the beginning and end (the minus). It's really hard to figure out especially since it seems to be so different for everyone!

Tammy Nischan said...


So happy to add you to my blogroll!!!

Have a super day, and I say "Get outside and blog later!" Unless you're reading this in the middle of the night when I usually write!!

In that case, please stay in.....I don't want your neighbors calling the police!!

Love you, Tammy

Thanks for every prayer for our family!